The Project; From Khirokitia to Mars, has been selected to represent the Cyprus in the upcoming Architecture Biennale of Venice 2023. The curatorial team, led by the department of architecture faculty member, Petros Lapithis, looks at the settlement of Khirokitia as a paradigm for a model for future sustainable living on Mars.

The project poses the question;  How can we take on the first community dwellings of the Cyprus Aceramic Neolithic Khirokitia and use it as a stepping stone to address issues of social sustainability within a humanistic and cultural context, set on a platform towards a newly built environment that will be created on planet Mars?

Operating under the premise that social sustainability can be attained through means of collaboration and common awareness, the project aims to activate spaces in a three-dimensional and temporal manner in order to induce values of social and egalitarian participation.Social sustainability is mainly concerned with the creation and maintenance of  the quality of life of people within a society. It gives emphasis to the protection of the psychological and physical health of all people, it encourages social cohesion and provides education to people who in turn can contribute to society as a whole and develop relationships within it.

Curatorial team

Petros Lapithis, Lia Lapithi, Nikos Kouroussis, Ioanna Ioannou Xiari, Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation. All members of the team are based in Cyprus.

Location: Associazione Culturale Spiazzi, Castello 3865, 30124 Venezia, Italy, May 2023.