Student Resources

The Student’s Voice

The Architecture Department holds student opinions and feedback in high esteem. Consequently there are a number of ways of collecting this information.

University-Wide Student Evaluation Reports

At the end of each semester, the University offers online course evaluations to each registered student in every course. These anonymous evaluations are read, collated, and discussed by the relevant Heads, Deans, and other faculty and staff.

Departmental Feedback

The Architecture Department gathers systematic feedback from students regarding the manner in which the program of studies is delivered. This feedback is gathered through questionnaires, group discussions and individual contact. This information is of great value to the department and is submitted for the annual review of the programs taught.

Board of Studies

At the beginning or middle of each semester, the department convenes a Board of Studies meeting, where students are invited to voice constructive feedback about the curriculum, academic issues and overall course instruction. Individual issues should be brought to the appropriate faculty member or to the Head of the Department.

Facebook Pages

The Department of Architecture has two Facebook Pages (one for each programme) where events and information are regularly posted. Students are encouraged to upload photographs and comment on recent events and topics. Please visit the site and become a fan.


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