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ARC LAB is operating in a dedicated space at the department of architecture of the University of Nicosia. The Workshop is a University facility containing Digital prototyping equipment, tools, and machinery, which individual students or groups of students can use to produce architectural models and prototypes at their request. The use of the technologies is part of the MSc in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication and several other courses within the architectural and interior programs. F-LAB hosts a large open-type laser cutting machine, a 3-Axis CNC milling machine, and three FDM 3D printers along with a large series of Hand tools and Power Tools. Staff currently consists of three trained operators and two student assistants under the general supervision of a Fabrication Lab Manager and an Academic Coordinator.


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F-LAB + W-LAB – General Rules and Regulations

The lab is open during the posted hours. Check for schedule changes during finals period and holidays.

The mission of the lab is to provide a safe and reliable facility for the pursuit of higher understanding as it applies to the nature of materials and the possibilities and limitations of the tools and techniques used to shape them.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the lab.
  • Do not enter the lab while under the influence of mind‐altering drugs or alcohol.
  • All accidents, even if very small, must be reported to your instructor/lab manager or the staff person on duty.
  • A safe attitude will protect you and others. Think ‐ practice and develop safe working habits.
  • Respect the rights and property of other students. Be thoughtful and helpful towards others in the lab.
  • Horseplay, running, yelling and/or fighting is absolutely forbidden in the lab.
  • Make sure machines are in the “off” position and motion has stopped, before leaving them
  • All safety guards must be kept in place while operating equipment. If a guard is missing or the safety device is an impediment to safe operation of a machine seek help.
  • Never make an adjustment to knobs or handles.
  • Use equipment for its intended use. If in doubt, ask for help
  • No one should use equipment until he or she has received proper and safe instruction and feels comfortable with its operation.
  • If you have made an adjustment on a piece of equipment, return it to its normal position after you are done
  • Do not use broken or damaged equipment; report immediately to the manager.
  • Do not attempt repairs to any equipment that is broken. Notify the lab manager or student assistants
  • Make sure the machine’s work surface is unobstructed and clean before use
  • Always keep your eyes on your fingers, listen to the sound of the machine, and your nose keen to the smell of smoke.
  • Headphones are prohibited in the lab.
  • Never talk to someone operating a machine.
  • Operators should never talk to someone while operating a machine.
  • Keep your fingers behind the direction of blades always
  • Clean up your mess! Wipe up all spilled liquids. Pick up your materials. Put away tools. Sweep up any loose debris.
  • Return all tools and solvents to their proper storage place after use.
  • Ask for Lab Managers’ approval before storing materials or projects in the lab.
  • Absolutely no tools out of the lab!
  • Follow safety instructions on machinery.
  • Do not wear baggy clothes as they might get tangled in a machine. Keep your sleeves rolled and your hair up
  • Wear closed-toe shoes. No slippers, flip-flops, mules allowed!

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