Petros Lapithis, Anna Papadopoulou, Alexandros Postekkis, Nikolas Tsaoushis, Andreas Chrysochos.

PCA press, Nicosia Cyprus. April 2017.  ISBN978-9963-9789-7-7


An academic e-book compiled of student projects from the Architecture Department of University of Nicosia on social sustainability in Cyprus is now available on-line.

The editors consists of practitioners and theoreticians with an extensive background on issues of sustainable design, bioclimatic architecture, sustainable urbanism and social and environmental ethics. Dr Petros Lapithis is a professor of architecture and the coordinator of the Sustainable Design Unit (SDU) at the Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia, while Anna Papadopoulou joins the SDU as adjunct faculty and special consultant. Alexandros Postekkis who masterminded the entire initiative, is a graduate of the SDU and an active practitioner. Nikolas Tsaousis and Andreas Chrysochos are also graduates of architecture from the University of Nicosia and their special interests and thesis, with Dr Lapithis as their advisor,  lay well within urbanism and social sustainability.

Social sustainability extends the essence of sustainable design and combines design of the physical realm with the design of the social world in order to create successful places that promote well-being by understanding what people need from the places where they live and work. This book is a compilation of student design projects that aim to address sustainability beyond its conventional environmental component and push the boundaries of what it means for communities to thrive as part of the great infinity of civilization.

The editors of this book would like to extend their appreciation by acknowledging the contribution of all students of the Architecture and Interior Design programmes of the Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia who have participated in the Building Blocks for Social Sustainability workshops from the first years of its inception.

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