The project Metahedra is a physical installation, that showcases the repurposing of construction industry leftover materials for built environment applications. It is, in parallel, an interactive installation, acting as a portal to virtual spaces. Metahedra is a research project, that was developed as part of the MSc Computational Design & Digital Fabrication (MCDDF).

Metahedra is a project developed under the Msc Computational Design and Digital Fabrication. The MSc in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication investigates the relationship between computational tools and architectural design. The programme offers the opportunity to develop computational design skills and experiment with hands-on cutting-edge fabrication, while acquiring analytical and creative problem-solving thinking.

An innovative Distance Learning Structure allows for remote teaching from faculty of the University of Nicosia in Cyprus and the University of Innsbruck in Austria, while two intensive, on-site workshops, at ARC Fab Lab in Nicosia and the Robotic Lab (REXLAB) of the Institute for Experimental Architecture in Innsbruck, provide the opportunity for applying newly acquired knowledge, establishing academia and industry connections and engaging with the global research community.


Supervisor: Michalis Georgiou
Tutors: Odysseas Georgiou, Ioulios Georgiou, Christina Christoforou
Fabrication Assistants: Giorgos Kotzakolis, Alexandros Postekkis, Antreas Prokopiou
Students: Marios Ioannou, Mounir Boustany, Adel Dube, Dino Kartoudes & Hisham Zeidan