A Short Video from FALL 2022 Workshop hosted at the University of Nicosia Cyprus, narrating the computational design and fabrication processes behind Metahedra.

The workshop focused on aggregations using WASP plug-in. Laser Cutting equipment and Lidar Technology was employed towards fabricating a large-scale prototype structure utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired during the semester. Furthermore, in an effort to promote sustainable practices for digital fabrication, leftover cardboard was used as construction material. Computational tools have been implemented for scanning and registering leftover parts as to become usable for digital fabrication. Prototyping with both physical and virtual models guided the process, of real‐time visualization of 3D aggregation, guided by a number of constraints, in order to shape design solutions and evaluate them against their performance. Last but not least, the educational event aimed to offer the opportunity to research and experiment on techniques, technologies, CNC equipment, materials, joints, assembly logics, and above all have some serious fun during the design and making!

Tutors: Michail Georgiou, Odysseas Georgiou, Ioulios Georgiou, Christina Christoforou

Students: Mounir Boustany, Adel Dude, Marios Ioannou, Dino Kartoudes, Hisham Zeidan