Time spent at UNIC was really creative and constituted a life-changing experience that shaped my future career decisions. My approach towards architecture was completely changed after I transferred at the ARC from a technical university in Ukraine. I found the faculty very diverse and multicultural, the instructors having multiple experiences in both academia and real-world practice. Most of them have studied, worked and practiced architecture around the world. Amongst them I met some of my best mentors and inspiring professors. I also had some of the most memorable travel experiences while participating in short-term student exchange programmes and while attending the field trips organised by the Department. I also had the chance to attend the lectures, given regularly at the ARC, by world-renowned architects. The UNIC experience has played a major role in empowering me to win the scholarship to get a Master’s degree in the US. UNIC was the first place where I got interested in sustainability and resilience to extreme weather events, subject which turned into my career choice later on. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainability and working in the research network that investigates resilience to weather extremes in the US.

Architecture, Class of 2012