UNIC, and especially its Architecture Department, ARC, have been an important milestone in my career development. The multicultural, educational backgrounds of the faculty and their overall help and guidance were invaluable. So was the chance to participate in local and European architectural workshops and take vital field trips abroad, experiences which helped me expand my network all over Europe. After graduating, I pursued architecture in Cyprus, earning multiple prizes in architectural competitions. I’ve since been able to leap forward with my career, relocating to New York, where I’ve worked for the Office of Metropolitan Architecture for almost 2 years. My time in New York has been marked by significant architectural projects of all types and scale, including skyscrapers in Los Angeles and Tokyo, a cultural centre in Los Angeles, and many other interesting and innovative smaller projects. I’m happy to be continuing my journey, gaining new architectural, educational and cultural experiences. Thanks to the University of Nicosia and ARC, I have gained the knowledge, tools and experiences that have helped me to pursue and develop an international career in my field, always consistent with my character and understanding.

Architecture, Class of 2013