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The Department of Architecture [ARC] and the Embassy of Spain in Cyprus, cordially invites you to the lecture and discussion “Santiago de Compostela, Spain” by Dr Ana Souto on Wednesday 27th September 2017 @19:00.

Dr Ana Souto is a researcher and Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture, Design & the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK. Ana’s research interest lies in architecture as a cultural manifestation of national identity. In this context, she dealt with the search for national identity in post-revolutionary Mexico, and the connection between identity and architecture in the pavilions built for the 1929 Iberoamerican Exhibition in Seville. Ana is currently involved in an interdisciplinary project which deals with ideas connected with identity, memory and culture, using a participatory methodology. This project aims to show the role of culture (with a special emphasis in art and architecture) in promoting a connection between current issues of our times and the past.


Venue: To be announced after reservation

Limited seats Available

For reservation please reply back by Monday 25th September 2017, 18:00 to charalambous.g@unic.ac.cy