As part of the course ARCH 571 Theory and Evolution of Computational Design, students were introduced to the use of Artificial Intelligence in the design industry. Specifically, they used AI-image generators like Midjourney AI to explore the potentials of such technologies in the architectural context.

For the assignment “From Theory to AI”, the students had to interpret texts from the book “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino and write prompts that would generate AI-images. The book is divided into the topics memory, desire, signs, thin, trading, eyes, names, dead, sky, continuous and hidden. In each topic section, a series of fictional cities are described to a certain level of detail.

Each student had to choose one topic from the book and use Midjourney AI to generate images, that visualize the aspects of that thematic and its fictional cities.

Finally, after presenting their work, a round table discussion was held, where the students gave their critical opinion on what the role of the AI machines might be for the profession of architecture

Faculty: Ioulios Georgiou

Students: Elma-Adele Dube, Mounir Boustany, Dino Kartoudes, Marios Ioannou, Hisham Zeidan