MSc CDDF at ARC VR 2021 end-of-year exhibition

A Virtual Reality showcase of the outcome of the MSc CDDF Workshops (2020-2021) as part of the ARC VR 2021 end-of-year exhibition.

The two workshops present an integral part of the Distance Leaning MSc in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication in collaboration with University of Innsbruck, institute for Experimental Architecture Hochbau in Austria. Each semester concludes with a Digital Fabrication workshop were participants visit Cyprus and Austria respectively to conclude the semester and attend site visits, discussions, lectures and presentations.

The FALL 2020 UNic workshop (Cyprus) , was titled Marble Weaves – Reverse Engineering Construction Industry Realities and investigated repurposing construction Industry leftover materials for built environment applications. In parallel, a research-based approach aimed at revealing possible applications and advantages for the computational design and digital fabrication domain. The workshop focused on marble as the main material and attempted to utilise left-over parts for a full scale prototype. The workflow included 3D scanning implementing LiDAR technology for registering and documenting real-life objects to be used as input for computation and digital fabrication. Additionally, 7-Axis CNC equipment, customised for Marble and Stone forming, was employed for experimentation with digital fabrication assignments.

Faculty: Michail Georgiou, Odysseas Georgiou and Eftihis Efthimiou

Teaching/Fabrication Assistants:  Christina Christoforou

Students: Nawar AL- ALI, Marija Evdoridis, Iman Hadzhivalcheva, Sofoklis Kontakis, Daniel Ticker

The SPRING 2021 UIbk Workshop (Austria) focused in computationally designing and robotically fabricating a large-scale prototype PETG structure/column utilizing 3D printing at REX-LAB facility at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. The participants had the opportunity to engage with robotic fabrication and experiment with computational techniques to produce complex and elaborated results.

Faculty: Pavlos Fereos, Eftihis Efthimiou and Georg Grasser

Teaching/Fabrication Assistants: Julian Edelmann and Kilian Bauer

Students: Nawar AL- ALI, Marija Evdoridis, Iman Hadzhivalcheva, Sofoklis Kontakis, Daniel Ticker

Notes: You can experience this exhibition using a VR headset or through a computer/mobile device screen. In case the browser is blocking the audio, either allow audio through the browser settings or manually activate the audio by double-clicking the volume button from inside the exhibition.