de-serializing construction by SEAMLEXITY, Odysseas Georgiou

MSc CDDF Workshop FALL 2020 – Lecture Series

The lecture was delivered as part of the MSc CDDF Workshop for FALL semester 2020, titled Marble Weaves – Reverse Engineering Construction Industry Realities running during Weeks 10 and 11 from the 30th of November until the 11th of December 2020 and hosted entirely online.

The workshop is part of the new MSc in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication in collaboration with the University of Innsbruck, Institute for Experimental Architecture Hochbau in Austria. The programme aims at exploring the relationship between computational tools and architectural design, to attain a new insight into the relationship between design intent and built form. The MSc CDDF curriculum is uniquely structured to combine distance learning education with face to face learning. Within this scope the participants can develop computational design skills and acquire hands-on cutting-edge fabrication experiences, while cultivating analytical and creative thinking on the applications of computation in design.

Each Academic Semester concludes with a fabrication workshop were participants are called to visit University of Nicosia F-Lab and University of Innsbruck, Robotic Lab (REXLAB) respectively to participate in an intensive two-week workshop with a thematic that changes every year depending on the overall programme brief, interests of faculty and visiting specialists. These intensive courses add flexibility to the curriculum, encourage the development of a hands-on collaborative culture and provide a productive close to the semester. A series of parallel events such as visits, discussions, lectures, and presentations frame the workshops to enrich the energetic atmosphere and to maximize educational benefits.