A Virtual Reality showcase of the outcome of the MSc CDDF Winter Workshop (FALL 2019) as part of the ARC VR 2020 end-of-year exhibition.

Fall Semester concludes with a digital fabrication workshop, part of ARCH-570DL Digital Fabrication Course were participants visit Cyprus to complete their courses and attend site visits, discussions, lectures and presentations.

The FALL 2019 workshop, focused on 3D tessellations using sheet metal forming. High-end Industrial CNC Bending and LaserCutting equipment was employed towards digitally fabricating a large scale prototype structure utilizing the participant’s knowledge and skills acquired during the semester. Furthermore in an effort to promote sustainable design practices, scrap sheet metal was chosen as construction material. Computational tools and UAVs were implemented for scanning and registering leftover steel parts as to become usable for digital fabrication. Prototyping with both physical and virtual models have driven a process, of real‐time visualization of 3D tessellations, guided by a number of constraints, in order to shape design solutions and evaluate them against their performance.

Faculty: Michail Georgiou, Odysseas Georgiou,

Teaching/Fabrication Assistants:  Christina Christoforou, Eftihis Efthimiou

Students: Abdulshafi Alsawadi, Spyros Anatolianos, Abed Badran, Anastasios Balampanidis, Sofia Kakouri, Helia Kasmaei, Kyriakos Kyriakides, Andrea Menardo, Michael Tuttle, Helia Zakeri

Notes: You can experience this exhibition using a VR headset or through a computer/mobile device screen. In case the browser is blocking the audio, either allow audio through the browser settings or manually activate the audio by double-clicking the volume button from inside the exhibition.