fabGambit was the final project for ARCH-261, Digital Thinking I for FALL 2021. 2nd Year Architecture and Interior Design Students of the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia, were requested to designed chess sets, exploring basic 3D-modeling techniques and fabrication methods. The pieces were developed into waffling structures and were digitally fabricated using the department’s laser cutting machine.

Featured Student Work by: Polina Moskovets, Aya Ezzedine, Ioanna Geraskli, Isreal Obi, Andreas Al-Khoury, Yazdan Mirsaidi Farahani, Iordania Mavrou, Loukia Papakonstantinou, Gabrielle Kyrillos.

Lecturers: Michalis Georgiou, Ioulios Georgiou