End-of-Year Exhibition 2021, Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia

ARC VR 2021

The ARC VR 2021 end-of-year exhibition presents a response to COVID-19 and the consequent cancellation of the most important and anticipated yearly event of the department.

The virtual space hosting the exhibition is an identical copy of the Department facility; an award-winning renovated and repurposed shoe factory. The building and the exhibition were purposely modelled by students and faculty of the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia utilising complex and novel software workflows. The outcome, a VR-ready 3D online world, provided the framework for applying cutting edge CAD technologies and presents a challenging case study for architectural education.

The ARC VR 2021 exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Dr Stavros Vergopoulos

curator: Michalis Georgiou, Associate Professor

collaborators: Odysseas Georgiou, Adjunct Faculty

visiting specialists: Christina Christoforou, Andreas Prokopiou

3D modelling – exhibits: C. Savva, M. Nicolaou, L. Huang and M. Babalian

3D modelling – space: A. Dube Elma, C. Savva, M. Seliniotaki, E. Tsolaki, G. Kyriakides, V. Panayides, M. Anastasia, C. Marangou, D. Houvarta, A. Violaris, Y. Rashdan and  K. Constandinou


Notes: You can experience this exhibition using a VR headset or through a computer/mobile device screen. In case the browser is blocking the audio, either allow audio through the browser settings or manually activate the audio by double-clicking the volume button from inside the exhibition.