We are very pleased to announce that a team of Year 3 students from the Department of Architecture were awarded with the Second Prize at the “Junior Achievement StartUp Programme National Final 2021” with their proposed company KITOUCH.

[KITOUCH team members: Christos Benjamin, Irene Gregoriou, George Patsalosavvis, Micheal Physentzidou, Paola Tsafara]

The JA entrepreneurial idea and business plan were developed under week-long intense workshop based course Arch 392 Catalyst I (taught by Angela Petrou and Markella Menikou), with the invaluable support of their assigned mentor Panayiotis Philimis.

The JA StartUp programme gives university students the opportunity to experience running their own company, giving them an insight into how their talents could be used to set up in business for themselves.

This award is undoubtedly a significant honour for our students and the Department of Architecture!