The ARC VR 2020 end-of-year exhibition presents a response to the COVID-19 lockdown and the consequent cancellation of the most important and anticipated yearly event of the department.

The space you can experience is an identical copy of the Department facility; an award-winning renovated shoe factory. The building and the exhibition were purposely modeled during a 5-day intensive course hosted entirely online.

Course: ARCH/INT-392 Catalyst I – VR Workshop – Virtual Exhibitions
Dates: Part A: 11th– 13th May 2020 / Part B: 15th -16th June 2020
Method of Delivery: Online/Distance Learning

Faculty: Michalis Georgiou, Assistant Professor

Collaborators: Odysseas Georgiou, Adjunct Faculty

Visiting Specialists: Christina ChristoforouAndreas Prokopiou

Students: Adele Dube Elma, Christos Savva, Maria Seliniotaki, Elena Tsolaki, Giorgos Kyriakides. Vasilis Panayides, Mylona Anastasia, Christina Marangou, Dimitra Houvarta, Aris Violaris, Yasmeen Rashdan, Kleanthis Constandinou


Notes: You can experience this exhibition using a VR headset or through a computer/mobile device screen. In case the browser is blocking the audio, either allow audio through the browser settings or manually activate the audio by double-clicking the volume button from inside the exhibition.