Over the last 3-days a fearsome team of 12 Unic Students have embarked on a virtual journey. Their Mission – Impossible; an online duplicate of ARC, the Department of Architecture Building, to host the end-of-year 2020 exhibition show.

Fueled by their interdisciplinary backgrounds (architecture, interior design and fine arts), guided by their tutors and supported by SEAMLEXITY’s equipment and knowledge they have endured:

  • More than 30 hours (over 3-days) of online teaching– the first ever Online Catalyst Workshop
  • Extreme digital workflows, involving file exchanges between at least 5 different software
  • 2500 square meters of 3D Modeling
  • Endless hours of computer rendering
  • Crashed computers and unprecedented frustration.

We are thrilled to share the first glimpse here; ARC 2020 Virtual Exhibition Mock-Up Rooms!

The official launch of the entire ARC 2020 Virtual Exhibition is scheduled for later in June following the end of the examination period. Stay Tuned!

Course: ARCH/INT-392 Catalyst I – VR Workshop – Virtual Exhibitions

Dates: Part A: 11th– 13th May 2020 / Part B: 15th -16th June 2020

Method of Delivery: Online/Distance Learning

Tutors: Michalis Georgiou, Odysseas Georgiou (ext. collaborator)

Visiting Specialists: Christina Christoforou, Andreas Prokopiou

Students: Adele Dube Elma, Christos Savva, Maria Seliniotaki, Elena Tsolaki, Giorgos Kyriakides. Vasilis Panayides, Mylona Anastasia, Christina Marangou, Dimitra Houvarta, Aris Violaris, Yasmeen Rashdan, Kleanthis Constandinou