We are very pleased to share that 4th-year architecture student Chariton Lazarides of UNIT 4 [Divining the future– “Technology is the answer, but what was the question?”] (run by Markella Menikou and Adonis Cleanthous), has been awarded the prestigious First Prize at the “MICRO living revolution 2018” international architecture competition with the project “AD-HOMES: Future Housing of the Unprivileged”.

This is the link with the results of the competition: https://www.eleven-magazine.com/?competition=micro

Additionally, the following students of UNIT 4 were shortlisted at the “Sydney Affordable Housing Challenge 2018” international architecture competition:

  • Chariton Lazarides with the project “Insta- ADvertising Housing”
  • Tatiana Idalia Ioannidou Martinez with the project “Home is where the waste is”
  • Nicolas Ioannou with the project “Gadgetic Nomadism”
  • Nurshan Arpalikli with the project “ Appliance Colony”

This is the link with the results of the competition: https://sydneyhousing.beebreeders.com/shortlisted-projects

Both competitions received a plethora of international entries from both professional architects and renowned universities.

All award-winning projects were developed under UNIT 4. The Unit utilises a range of international architecture competitions as a key pedagogic tool. The competition briefs provide a springboard for ideas and simultaneously the vehicle via which students test concepts and develop their thinking within the unit agenda.

We would like to congratulate our students for this huge success!! These distinctions are undoubtedly significant international recognition for our students, our Unit, Department and University.