Petros Lapithis, Anna Papadopoulou, Melissa Hekkers.

PCA press, Nicosia Cyprus. September 2016



Edited by academics Petros Lapithis and Anna Papadopoulou and journalist Melissa Hekkers, the book brings to the local case studies to the forefront in an attempt to give a concrete understanding on social sustainability and architectural practices.

In architecture and design, all too often, focus is set on spatiality, with sustainability located within the tangible and intangible norms of the natural and the built environment. The notion of social sustainability enters architectural discourse to provide a component of sustainability that speaks directly to the contribution of community and society to civilization and to cultural heritage.

Sustainability is about survival. But if to sustain is to survive, then survival requires that class, racial and gender differences, as well as spatial and perceptual distances, are overcome by good will and good design.

This book is a compilation of student design projects that aim to address sustainability beyond its conventional environmental component and push the boundaries of what it means for communities to thrive as part of the great infinity of civilization.

The editors of this book would like to extend their appreciation by acknowledging the contribution of all students of the Architecture and Interior Design programmes of the Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia who have participated in the Sustainable Design Unit, the Design for Diversity Unit and the Building Blocks for Social Sustainability workshops from the first years of its inception.

The goal of this book is to transfer knowledge without any monetary benefit. The book is available for free.

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